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Beauty Review: Magnitone Vibra-sonic

This is probably one of the most honest posts I’ll ever write. I’ve been suffering from Acne. I’ve had it for about 7 years and at times I’ve been deeply depressed because of it.  It’s been proper cystic red raw angry acne that even the thickest layer of makeup struggled to cover.  Those of you… Continue reading Beauty Review: Magnitone Vibra-sonic

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Beauty Review: Unicorn Lashes Brush Set

I’ve been pretty down in the mouth lately and decided the best way to cheer myself up was to purchase this set of brushes. I live in the UK so bought my Unicorn Lashes set from Cost: £45.00 (free postage) They’re pretty gorge in real life. Ok, so here is my review. They are… Continue reading Beauty Review: Unicorn Lashes Brush Set