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Beauty review: Ilamasqua Lipstick – Bare

Alert – must buy announcement.

Ilamasqua is a British beauty brand which I love because it has such high quality products and is cruelty free (always a big plus in my book)

I don’t know about you but I am constantly on the look out for the perfect nude lipstick. For me a good nude shade is something that compliments your natural tones and enhances your make up look without being too obvious that you have lipstick on.

For me Ilamasqua lipstick in “Bare” is pretty close to perfection.
The product – really good level of pigment. You can easily get away with one coat/application

It’s not too thick, the texture is smooth and pretty creamy. It looks matte but doesn’t have the liquid lipstick draw back of being gritty or tacky.

There isn’t too much residue left when you drink or eat. The product stays put really well especially considering it is just a normal lipstick

They are also scented and smell amazing – vanilla/cupcake-y. DELICIOUS!

Real life photos:

My silly mug wearing the “Bare” shade – for reference I’m a relatively pale person with olive undertones. Colour referencing – foundation Mac NC25

The product:



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