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Beauty review: St Tropez Classic Gradual Tan

There’s been radio silence on The Lamont Edit lately. My real life job has been quite hectic so my hobbies have had to take a bit of a back seat. I’m exhausted mentally and physically as a result.

Anyone else feel that their job is sucking the life out of them?

Anyway onto the review. I’d wanted to start fake tanning after I saw a photo of myself and decided I looked too pale for summer. I also have been lusting after the summer glow many Instagrammers have been rocking. 

Let’s get to it – the product: St Tropez Classic gradual tan in light/medium 

It’s a white moisturising cream with fake tan in it. As a side note I think it is actually a good body moisturiser, fake tan properties aside. You’ll definitely notice an improvement in the softness of your skin 

AND I have oily skin prone to blemishes and ACNE. I’ve chanced using the left over product on my face and it’s only been a positive experience. I’ve got a golden glow and the dry tired skin that never gets moisturised because I’m scared I’ll get spots has definitely been thanking me.

The tan:

A golden glow with no hint of orange whatsoever. I recommend exfoliating regularly to ensure even coverage. The product is quite forgiving in that you don’t need to be forensic when you rub it in. It tends to be quite even and non patchy.

Wash your hands after application to avoid any tanned palms!

The real life photos:

Before: Pale!

After: Nice golden glow!

Taken sitting in the car in different light for reference

The product:

Price: £9.66 approximately 

Life hack: my supermarket stocks this so I buy it with my food shopping delivery ( Sainsbury’s and Ocado stock this)

Purchase or pass: Purchase! Obsessed!


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