Beauty review: MeMeMe nail polish 

So this post is a rave but a rave filled with sadness.

MeMeMe is a small cosmetics brand that I initially discovered in early 2013 (I think) 

I got a few shades of nail polish in my Glossy Box subscription. I thought that they were amazing quality so bought a few other shades after trying their gold shade. 

The review:

The consistency is my idea of perfection. You get an excellent colour payoff from ONE coat. WTF right?

I know, but it’s true. 

It doesn’t chip, it doesn’t peel and the colour is really luxurious looking. 

The bad news:

MeMeMe don’t seem to sell nail polish anymore. NOOOOO. But there is hope, you can still pick up shades on Amazon. They’re reasonably priced and I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up shades as and when I find them. They’re really forgiving and let you recover from mistakes.

Real life photos:

These photos are ONE coat only.
Pass or purchase: definite purchase – where you can find it. This gold shade is perfect for summer vacations (holidays) 


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