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Beauty review: Essie Nail Gel Couture Stitch by Stitch

I’ve previously reviewed Essie’s touch up and I love it. My positive experience lead me to buy this new shade “Stitch by Stitch”

I think Stitch by Stitch is part of their wedding shade collection. I’ve had this colour on my nails for a couple of weeks. Here is what I think:

The colour – it’s a pretty baby pink. It isn’t too bright and could almost be described as a nude shade. The pigmentation required three coats to prevent serious streaks which is disappointing because it takes a long while to dry

Longevity – is a bit hit and miss. 70% of the time this nail polish lasts for a week or more but I’ve had a few applications when one or two nails have chipped or peeled off almost immediately.

Definitely not as a good performance as the other shade “Touch up”

Real life photos:

Pass or purchase: Depends – given this costs nearly £9 I expected better performance and better pigmentation. Probably a pass at this price. 


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