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Beauty review: Mac lipstick

I’ve been trying to decide which type of red lipstick looks best. Red Mac lipstick to be specific. 

I’ve been trialling a more orange based red – Lady Danger alongside a blue based red -Russian red. 

The contestants! Top – Russian red, bottom – Lady Danger

So a little info about me, I’m relatively fair of complexion. To give you an insight I’m a NC20 shade in Mac foundation. I have yellow/olive skin undertones. I have blonde hair and brown eyes so I’m a bit of a mix of fair and dark. Go figure!

The shades swatched on my arm: Left – Russian Red, right – Lady danger

I’ve been wearing both shades for a while and I’ve come to a conclusion but maybe not the one you’d expect?

I think I prefer Russian Red. I think it suits me better which is against make up maths! Blue reds suit pink undertones not yellow ones – what is this witchcraft? Russian red is a slightly more velvety vampy shade and matches my complexion but adds a bit of drama. 

Both are CLASSIC Mac shades. What’s your favourite red Mac shade?

I’m slowly getting a little bit braver so am sort of showing my face in these photos:

Me in Russian red 

Me in Lady danger 

Which shade is do you think is best? Do you agree on the Russian red front? 


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