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Beauty review: Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid

I bought these liquid lipsticks on impulse a few weeks ago. 

The colours attracted me, they looked like really pretty nude shades. I bought “Nude flush” and “Nude thrill”

Overall, after trying them I wasn’t massively impressed. The texture is a little streaky without the colour payoff you’d expect, you have to build to get a decent level of pigment.

The also don’t seem to set so I assume they’re meant to be a gloss. Generally though it’s my preference that a matte lipstick/gloss sets…If it’s meant to be glossy then I’m happy for it to remain viscous.

Real life pictures: 

Left to right: Nude flush, Nude thrill. I had to at least double dip to get this level of pigment for the small swatches pictured below

I like the packaging – quite minimalist and clean. This along with the pretty shades are what appealed to me

Pass or purchase: If I’m honest, I’d probably pass. You can get much better lipgloss/liquid lipsticks for the same money with better pigment and texture


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