The English Cheesecake factory

If you have not experienced the joyousness that is The English Cheesecake Factory. They are an online shop that delivery delicious tasty cheesecakes made to order. I buy these beauties for friends and family on all type of special occasions. Always on time, they arrive frozen and defrost into a beautiful thing http://englishcheesecake.com I need… Continue reading The English Cheesecake factory


Today is my birthday

As it is my birthday I have decided to create a post filled with things that I like, so firstly: here is a dog driving a car.

The giant grey scruffy one looks like one of my woofers which pleases me greatly.


I’ve been to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and thought it was cracking! I didn’t think it was any the less for adding in “Tauriel” the made up she elf.

On a vain girly note I did like the colour of her hair.

Dog that was sitting on my legs last time I was writing a post is currently laying on man friends legs snoring so loudly he keeps waking himself up.

I’ve been a lucky gal presents-wise: A nice purse from brother and sister :


A nice handbag from man friend:



A nice bunch of roses and some horse riding boots from parent 1 and 2


I’m going out to dinner with the firm *cough* family tonight. Much eating shall be had by all.


I’ve decided to go back down the ombre highway again. My split ends will not thank me, but I shall not live in fear of their wrath. Oh no!

I shall update you all on whether it is a success or not…..



Whilst on the subject of random things I like. I want to eat this in fact I would like to eat the entire blog that it belongs to: http://lifewithcake.com


And finally here is a picture of a Unicorn – because secretly everyone wishes they had one: